Friday, 19 February 2010

Hybrid brief

BRIEF : To make a small edition of book responding to the title hybrids.. I chose to look a word used in two seperate languages .


I want to make this a photography based project and use the images to form small books. Over the last few weeks i have visited loads of junks shops in order to get as many photographs as i can. I wanted to my images to highlight the character in certain objects and for the colours to really shine through almost giving them that slightly tacky Martin Parr like illusion.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Hampstead Heath Brief

We were set a way-finding brief. To create a map of Hampstead Heath... I worked with a few other girls and we came up with the idea of using regular users of the heath as the basis for our map. We interviewed as many people as possible, noting down routes they take, how often they visit, any memories they have and so on. After gathering photographs and interviews of walkers on the heath we decided to do seperate maps. I am going with a map design that won't necessarily function as a real map but will be a way of showing peoples personal journeys and telling their stories. Below are some images i have made. The lines indicate the route they take.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Performance at it's best.

Ok, so my performance art elective has recently become the bane of my life..... doing crazy things in public really isn't one of my strong points. We got set the task of being a 'double agent'. Dressing up as someone and putting yourself in an active environment. So heres me, dressed as an old lady walking around the streets of felixstowe. Grannyrose at her best.

I got myself mugged. 

Help crossing the road. 

Friday, 8 January 2010

Magical Museum

So this is the poster I have got so far. I am going to try and find a way of using the real florescent colouring of the card to make the fossil jump out at you.

These were originally horrible fluorescent colours that worked wonderfully next to the images of fossils... sadly they don't seem to scan in well but you get the gist. 

I went a bit crazy with the glow tool on makes stuff look neonesque. I am trying to bring out extreme tackiness in everything to make the subject completely contrast with the aesthetics.


The brief is to make an alternative exhibit to the one i have chosen. By spending an hour or so in suffolk geology i realised that the dreary browns, greys and beige didn't make the fossils stand out at all and seemed a completely pointless colour choice for an exhibit. I wanted to use fossils in a way they have never been used before! Basically turn the exhibit into a sort of disco fossil land or something, illuminating fossils for all they are worth!


Although I have absolutely no interest in fossils or anything to do with geology AT ALL, there was something about this exhibit at the Ipswich museum that made me want to base my project around it. It was like going into a time warp.It obviously hadn't been changed for was almost so boring that it became interesting. 

I loved these old cabinets with each artifact being labeled underneath with a hand typed explanation... a lovely old fashioned way of displaying an exhibit.


Friday, 20 November 2009

Beyond the boundaries - edited frames

                            Canning Town 

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Beyond the boundaries

We can interpret this theme however we want, but to start the whole thing off we went on a visit to Canning town to the lea valley wasteland. Unfortunately we didn't get to explore much of what we intended to explore. Most of it was gated off or had already begun re-development. Never the less, here are the best images that I achieved from the day - 

Hopefully this will form the basis of my publication for the exhibition. This will run along side my other interpretation of the phrase " Beyond the Boundaries".