Thursday, 23 April 2009

Research for dictionary project

After realising that i wanted to create a live art event i went about looking other artists who have attempted to depend on the public for their work too. She basically just gave strangers on the street a blank peice of paper and told them to write whatever they like on them. 
"to be asked only to write something, anything,, presents a challenge and creates a totally different relationship tot he person posing the question. The bizarre request to be captured on film by a complete stranger is compounded by a non - specific space; the blank piece of paper, which almost replicates an unexposed film"
Gillian Wearing

hmmm have been trying to find some research for my dictionary project and thought this video kind of related. It was a project called 50 people one question by i think a group called crushandlovely.The title speaks for itself anyway basically they asked the same question to people all around the world and filmed the response.  it's ok, quite interesting to watch,it's nice to hear all the different responses......

Design a dictionary project

"It is often forgotten that dictionaries are artificial repositories, put together well after the language they define. The roots of language are irrational and of a magical nature."

Jorge Luis Borges

The Brief - 

Define 40 words. Design a dictionary in any medium.
The words must relate to one subject.

My immediate thoughts on this project were to steer away from making a book and to try to stay away from computers as this has been dominating my work lately! When the word 'dictionary' is mentioned obviously immediatley people have the image of a book in their heads. I don't want to stick to this traditional method as i think a dictionary can be so many things, as long as it does the job of passing on information. 

After three long days of some serious thinking and brainstorming (yea its taken me a while to get back into the swing of things!) I have decided on a subject - 

"The Ridiculous"

I was interested in picking a really simple subject so the application can be more complex. So i began thinking about random words and started to write the down the first 40 or so words that came to my head for instance :

mayonnaise       cakewalk
cows             exoplasm 
fringes         boobs lidl             hairspring
pegs             beanbag
stationary        cheese
cassette          mackerel
accordion         battery
eiderdown         monster munch
fog bow           bootstrap
waterbed         minimoog
plant food        
crackerjack       neckerchief
scallop           puppet
piggy bank       skittle

To mix up my project a bit more i am going to get my words from the public and myself be the dictionary giving out the definitions from me own head..... like a human definition machine kind of! my dictionary is going to be a live event which i will record by film and keep your eyes peeled for me outside some library somewhere begging people for words so i can define them..... oh god what am i doing??

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Photographs- walton pier

These are just a few images i took on a very old fashioned day out at the seaside..... I quite liked them so thought i would shove them on here for al too see!