Thursday, 23 April 2009

Research for dictionary project

After realising that i wanted to create a live art event i went about looking other artists who have attempted to depend on the public for their work too. She basically just gave strangers on the street a blank peice of paper and told them to write whatever they like on them. 
"to be asked only to write something, anything,, presents a challenge and creates a totally different relationship tot he person posing the question. The bizarre request to be captured on film by a complete stranger is compounded by a non - specific space; the blank piece of paper, which almost replicates an unexposed film"
Gillian Wearing

hmmm have been trying to find some research for my dictionary project and thought this video kind of related. It was a project called 50 people one question by i think a group called crushandlovely.The title speaks for itself anyway basically they asked the same question to people all around the world and filmed the response.  it's ok, quite interesting to watch,it's nice to hear all the different responses......

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