Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

More dungeness project.....

For my Dungeness project i thought i would put my images together into a film to match my audio and this was the outcome...


Monday, 1 June 2009

My poster entry for our exhibition

We ran a competition with or ear to see who could make the best poster for our exhibition that is coming up. It's ok, i like the photo aspect. It wasn't a winner though.

Dungeness project final presentation

So after much discussion and experimentation the overall idea turned into an installation that we created as a sort of live show that people could walk into and experience themselves.

We set up a small room (next to our studio) which we blacked out so no light could be let in. (the photo's look brighter obviously because of the camera flash)  The audio in our project was crutial in forwarding our responses to the 10 x 10m space so each of us wrote a short story and made individual recordings to accompany a film we put together.

The pieces of audio were placed on 7 ipods and hidden in black boxes with earphones attached. People could walk around listening to what each box was saying while observing the film of all the objects that was projected on the wall. 

We hung torches from the ceiling with fishing wire over the boxes so they were illuminated with just enough light that people understood what to do. 

Overall i felt the installation worked well, people seemed to enjoy listening to the individual boxes and i thought it was the audio that made the piece. After the crit we realised that maybe we didn't need the film projection after all and the sound was powerful enough on it's own.  Or maybe it would of been more effective to have individual films going with each story recording as i think the feeling was that there was confusion between the film and the different stories.

The whole thing was supposed to create an atmosphere that emulated the feelings we got when visiting dungeness but also presenting a sense of mystery that came with the objects and the stories we all created in conjunction with them. We may not of achieved this fully  because of the darkness (and also the stuffiness) of the room which made the whole thing come across quite eery and restricted which wasn't necessarily what dungeness was like! But hey i still think for a short two week project we did well and managed to produce some pieces of interesting audio which was unlike anything i had done before.

The film we made and projected.
The sound of the shipping news
plays in the background.