Sunday, 14 December 2008

Metamorphosis project

This was one of the first project's we worked on at the beginning of the course. We were given the story "Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka to put into a book which was to be designed and made by us. There were all these rules we had to stick too like we could only use the program indesign,no imagery and a minimum of two colours on the cover. i found this quite restricting as i had no knowledge of indesign whatsoever! But hey i made it in the end and am reasonably pleased with my result.

I was really looking at my chosen target age group when designing the book instead of the actual content of the story. By keeping the style simple and linear i thought it would attract younger people into picking up the book and reading it. One big design decision was to include important quotes from the story that were printed on tracing paper slipped over the pages where the quotes are in the book. I did this for people that may get bored easily or need help understanding the book as it highlights the most important parts of the story.

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