Saturday, 28 February 2009

Invent a country brief

These three posters are just simple use of typography intending to make an impact. I wasn't sure about colour so have just tried a few out. The layout reasoning is probably quite obvious, but i liked the way it looked and it reminded me of wartime/1940's propaganda posters which i am really into at the moment. I basically wanted to draw people in with the 'warning' at the top and then as they read down they will have to gradually get closer to the poster making it more personal to them and perhaps slightly more memorable.

These posters are supposed to e bold and shocking the message being 
these are the consequences of religious conflict so it is best for everyone to keep your religion to yourself in order to keep our country as safe as possible.

This is a group brief that we have been working on for 7 weeks...(yes an extremely long time). After many idea changes (and i mean many) we have finally stuck to something, stopped talking about it for once and got on with some visuals. Our country is a nanny state lead by a government strong on dictatorship. Instead of messing about coming up with outfits and an anthem and all that we wanted to just create some strong design that clearly represented the views of our government. So...... we made our project just about the government campaigns and elected each member of our group a department to work on once we had created our manifesto. 

My area is religion! Ok i was not actually to excited by the prospect of doing this subject as i wasn't sure what i could do with it. Our government main objective is to make the country as safe as it can possibly be and this means enforcing some extremist laws and rules. Thinking about religion and the conflict that it seems to cause in many areas, the government has enforced rules that mean religion can be around of course but without the religious hate and opposition. We want to prevent all this!
So our rules are :
  • don not enforce your religion on any other person.  This being persuasion of any kind and religious preaching.
  • Any talkof religion is banned outside of your own religious organisation.
  • Taxes will be paid by anybody attending religious organisations.
After a lot of brainstorming i wanted to make my posters and stuff to have the shock factor as this will need maximum persuasion for the people of our country. I was looking at ads like anti-piracy, the think campaign for road safety, benefit fraud and wanted mine to be that hard hitting.
I have come up with the title ' KEEP IT TO YOURSELF ' for my campaign and will use this in a lot of my work for this project.

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