Wednesday, 25 March 2009

4 day film project with Alex Reuben


 Above is the pitch that my group forcibly 
 made me read alone in front of the class..
 was evil of them but i did it!


Task - Create a one minute, un-cut video, 'in-camera':
with live sound - no pre-recorded music;
without editing;
or post-production;
in groups of between five and eight people.

I loved this brief and was sooo happy to do a quick fun project after the huge slog that the unknown land brief was. In my group were myself, Eli, Kerensa, Kate and Tom.

We came up with an idea pretty quick so we had time to develop the idea and get t sorted before filming day! Here is our script for our pitch to the class is above.

We wanted to concentrate on things we find annoying and ended up focusing on annoying loud ringtones particularly on public transport. After much planning we came up with this choreographed set up where we set our phones to go off and different times to create this interesting mess of remixed ringtones. We then all hopped on the number 31 bus with the camera and put our choreography to the test. I found it quite hilarious but for some reason people on the bus didn't even turn around let alone complain about the incessant sound of loud ringtones going on behind them. No one even noticed the camera.....

31 to Camden Town

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