Thursday, 12 March 2009

final posters for the invent a country brief - unknown land (sorry about the illuminous blue colour!!)

These are the final posters i put on show for the unknown lland project. Quite horrifically for some reason the damn computer is uploading the images wrong and changing the colour to that disgusting illuminous blue... in there original state i used a bright yellow! oh well i thought i should put them up anywho.....
Well.. this project was the bane of my life for 7 whole gruelling weeks but somehow my group just managed to pull it out the bag in the final presentation. I had to change my style dramatically and a mere week and a half before i realised  that some major research had to be done on religion to be able to produce something that actually works. It might seem ridiculous and completely obvious thing to do but for some reason in my haste to produce something amazing as soon i didn't do much research at all which stemmed a number of design failures. 

 I spent a whole weekend purely learning about all different types of religion and decided instead of pointing out the obvious with my text and imagery i should let the public do the thinking themselves. I became intrigued with controversial passages of the bible that often emphasise violence and cruelty. This i felt was important in spreading the message of the department of organised faith that being religion causes conflict. I used quotes from these controversial passages within my images to hopefully shock people. The big ray of yellow colour (or in this case disgusting blue) is meant to look like god shining down his messages to the people! i notices that rays coming from the sky is used regularly in many religious posters and it can immediatly be associated with religion.

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