Monday, 4 May 2009

The actual dictionary's and defintitions

So last night was the big event and from what i can remember it went well!  i got over 40 definitions written some quite strange i will admit and it will become clear to you the ones i wrote when i was ermmm very drunk. See that is the problem of the choice of venue being a pub... anyway i think this is a good thing, the words people were giving me were funnier and my definitions, although mispelled and mistyped, became more and more peculiar...... thanks to everyone who came and gave me words, it was much appreciated!! all in all it was a successful night .... being a dictionary is fun.

Ok, so i said i would put my definitions up on here for all to see so here goes....40 of the most strangest definitions which somehow just sprouted out of my mind............ oh and also i am copying them word for word, mistypes and spelling mistakes all included.

  1. Hapax : a very happy person that then decides to kill with an axe.
  2. Surrupticious : something that is very syrrupy but also quite suspicious.
  3. Oberpillar : a very big pillar.
  4. penis : male genital appendage. penis = sex = babymaker
  5. apperplexible : an apple that i very complex in taste and thought.
  6. tintin abulation : tin tin on drugs.
  7. Nostalgia : a very nice feeling of the past. remembering what used to be.
  8. mmmmmmmmmmmmm : an expression to describe ones gratification in something......particularly in foody objects. particularly chips........mmmmmmmmmm chips.
  9. river : a meandering flow of water flowing down a gap in the earth.
  10. chippolata : a small sausage that is thin and tasthy, always a pleasant treat.
  11. tuna : a fish in the sea that we tend to eat in sandwiches or jacjet potatoes or tuna pasta.
  12. bra: an item of clothing that generally women but on some occasions men tend to wears. holds your boobies in basically.
  13. bukkakie : something that is a type of hat. with a feather on it.
  14. opinionated : yasmin.
  15. beetroot : a red juicy vegetable that stains a lot and looks quite pink.
  16. gooseberry : green. like a grape. but its prickly. often found in a pie. not that tasty.
  17. elastic : a strecthy bit of fabric particularly used for people with big guts....
  18. bouffant : a hairstyle that is sticky uppy and quite flowing.
  19. vicarious : a vicar in an anxious state.
  20. experiment : to try out a fantastical theory that may or may not make sense. this is a dictionary experiment.
  21. eyebrow : a bodily piece that contains hair and expresses an emotion of many sorts.
  22. giraffe : a long necked creature found in the zoo or africa
  23. dance : to move your body to the beat an rock on down.
  24. Wrinkle : a line in ones face that defines there age or what stresses they have been through. or maybe they have smoked. that causes wrinkles.
  25. geordie : a person who speaks with the accent of a northen person who is specifically is from newcastle.
  26. lesbian : a women who is very attracted to another women often they might fall in love and get married. this is not unusual in this day and age.
  27. coy : a type of fish found in lionels pond....for instance coycarp.
  28. hero : i can be your hero baby....i can kiss way the pain oh yeah.... i will stand by you forever. you will take my breathe way.
  29. joust : a very ancient spotrt which may mean knight is knocked off his horse by a very large prodding device.
  30. femidom : a type of womens contaception that is placed inside the vagina blocking the semen passage.
  31. flexible : to be ale to stretch and be very bendy....this may mean good sex.
  32. toff : a very posh british person who wears tarton and paisley.
  33. mesmerize : to look at something and think wowza thats amzing be cmpletely ahhhhhhhhh about sumut.
  34. drunk : a feeling where you hve no troubles and begin to have no conscience.
  35. shelter : a place were one can stay when there is nowhere else to go....i.e homeless....or for a dog when the owners go on holiday.
  36. primark : cheapy clothes made by underpaid poor people. i shop there as i am very poor. you ca buy a top for 2 pounds.
  37. bacon : a crispy or greasy delight used in sarnies or many other delicious items of food.the bacon sarnie goes back manie years the first being a man named sir frederic bacon sarnie who first came up with the concept bread = bacon
  38. button : a ver clever invention that can hold a peice of fabric to another peice of fabric. like a zip but not.
  39. mince : some either beef , pork or maybe turkey that is churned up into a mixture which resembles worms or some sort. particularly useful in spagetti bolognaise.
  40. flagellen : a very scientific word meaning like flem but in a solid form.
So there you have it all 40 words and definitions!! ok some of them are down right weird but i was drunk with a typewriter so give me some credit.

Here are just a few of my typed up definitions..

the collection of definitions

discussing dictionary needs.

My beloved typewriter...what would i do without it??

I decided to get the people to hold up their definitions for proof that i was being a real dictionary. The writing may not be visable but it's just documentaton..........

Busy a work

Two very obliging customers

Wine became a vital aspect of my project as time went on....

This is our first customer!

Set up of my desk

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