Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Map that Brief

The Brief - 

Divide yourselves into groups of no more than eight.
find an area of 10 x 10 m.
Study this area in great detail and collect all data neccesary to produce work without having to return to the site.

Deploy methods, strategies and systems for collecting, recording and documenting information. It is essential that each member is allocated a roll.
You are required to present your findings as a story,film,typography,photography,drawings,books,diagrams,maps.

So after receiving the brief i got into a group with seven other girls and we got to work finding a spot to work with. Below are images of the space we chose and the girls working hard collecting and recording!

Naomi with her scales weighing everything she possibly could!

Morgana had the job of filming and photographing things.

There was a big pile of old rubbish within our space where we found a lot of the objects we collected. Things like fishermans log books, an old newspaper, a brush we thought were extremely interesting and useful when trying to put a history next to the space.

So here are all the objects that were collected from our 10m by 10m square. These objects will be vital in our response to the space we selected and they will be used to create narratives from each person in our group and will be displayed as artifacts in the area of college we choose to exhibit our findings and narratives.

Me and the girls had a meeting today and decided that we are going to create a small exhibition within college of the objects as artifacts and individual stories that each of us have written interpreting the space. Alongside this we are hoping to create some refined visuals from the objects and where we found them within the map of the 10 x 10 m space. 

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  1. you have found some really cool objects here well done!