Friday, 30 October 2009

Become an animal....yes this is a very serious project.

Well, it has been a while since I posted anything on my blog so I thought I would reawaken it with the first crazy project I got set from my performance art elective. I may be  already slightly regretting choosing this subject but hey, it is something different and now I can say I have tried it (even if it means I have to do ridiculous things)

So heres goes the first task. Become an animal. Great... We all had to make a one minute film of us becoming an animal and if i remember correctly mark said something about aiming the film to have some sort of meaning?? Ok so I decided to be a magpie. Magpies like shiny things and use them in their nests and because of the amount of stuff I seem to collect and surround myself with, I felt this theme could work well. So I made a nest on my balcony. Here are the results, enjoy!


I had to whittle down 16 minutes of nest building footage into a minute which i think let my film down slightly. I wish i had just gone against the brief and made it longer.

I have tried to upload the original film but sadly it didn't work!

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