Friday, 30 October 2009

The Wall Brief

The Wall - A 3D narrative

Select or construct six walls in an area of your choice and create a narrative.

Each wall should act like the section of a magazine or a chapter of a book.

Create the content for each section or chapter.

The material made for this project will be the basis for an exhibition in the second week of term.

I found it really difficult to start this brief. It was so broad I could do almost anything. I began by looking at extremely short stories, stories that create some sort of impact in a just a few lines. My mum's partner reads the Sun newspaper everyday meaning I got a little bit hooked on reading them myself picking them up as he put them down. What I found most entertaining sometimes were the utterly ridiculous tiny stories hidden amongst all the bigger ones. I began collecting them for my project hoping to use them at some point. 

Here are some of my favourites : 

Although quite entertaining, I found it hard to put these small stories to good use. My research on small stories lead to Japanese 3 line poems called Haiku's and this formed the basis for my project.

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