Friday, 30 October 2009

Wall brief continued....

So, I have established I want to do my project based around Japanese Haikus. Haikus are 3 line poems traditionally consisting of the pattern 5 - 7 - 5 syllables. They are about capturing a moment within these boundaries. I decided to try and write my own Haiku's not based on moments but based on my own feelings. Using the 5-7-5 rule, I got writing. Believe me this was not an easy task for me, what I ended up with weren't particularly amazing but as long as I felt they projected my personality/random thoughts I didn't really care.

Here is an example of a few I used :

Too many thoughts here,
what i really need right now,
is some cake......And tea.

Clutter in this room,
this is what my brain looks like.
This room is my brain.

Ok so I know they are pretty simple (and slightly random) but in the end they worked in context with my final result.

I needed a way to use these poems on walls. From already researching Japanese poetry and calligraphy I stumbled upon ex-libris. 

Ex-libris are ownership stamps that the Japanese use. Particularly by authors and important figures in society. Each person would have there own design made so that people would know immediately who wrote that book or whatever.

Some examples of what I mean : 

I decided to make my own ex-libris stamps using my Haikus as the content for them. I liked the idea that my poems (which represented me) could be formed into my own signature and anywhere they were stamped it would be like leaving a little piece of me (if that doesn't sound too corny!)

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